Monday Blues Band

The Monday Blues Band, founded by Kamal Badaro and Issa Goraieb, includes professional and amateur Lebanese musicians, that have been performing together to great acclaim for more than 20 years.

Kadim Al Sahir كاظم الساهر
Grand 20 Years’ Celebration!

A grand 20 years’ celebration
Accompanied by Michel Fadel on Piano and the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra

This year, Kadim al Sahir and the Festival are celebrating 20 years of emotions and successes!
Throughout the years, thousands of loyal fans have come from the world over to gather in the Palace’s magnificent Midan courtyard to re-live his timeless songs and discover his latest hits.

Depardieu Chante Barbara

Depardieu Chante Barbara
With Gérard Daguerre on piano

France’s biggest international star, Gérard Depardieu interprets the timeless songs of iconic singer Barbara in a unique concert, accompanied by her personal pianist Gérard Daguerre.