For many years, Nadim Asfar’s artistic focus has revolved around the various strata that make up the “country-landscape” in Lebanon, in particular its mountains.
But how can you capture these places, views, sites, moments, stories, matters, sensations? Here you see the crossing point between texts, images, multiples andtableaux, then more images and texts. And somewhere in-between these forms of expression are those spaces where a viewer is free to lose himself, to project his thoughts. To “experience the mountain ” where ” everything makes sense, everything is in harmony, the ruins, the vegetation, the geology. The past, the present, the future, the forbidden, desire and death”.
Documents, poetry, imagination, silence, a slowing down …
Nadim Asfar’s images depict places from our inner and outer worlds, places that are hollow, places full and open, places of daytime and of the night. Unknown places that feel familiar, places that seem cited but aren’t, which slip away from under our eyes, both anchored in and escaping from the myths that bear them
Like an invisible thread running through this exhibition, the visitor will find secret relationships between the images, their subject, and their form. Here the quest, there a private wandering off, across the continuum of the visible and the physical-mental experience, the cycle of time, the cycle of place, all these remind us of the intimate nature of what makes up our world!
In collaboration with Tanit Gallery